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Naive thoughts on Guns?

August 6, 2012

Guns after all are the core of the problem. Imagine a mad man who wants to kill some people. Without a gun, how effective he will be in his mission? Won’t the innocent have a good chance to fight back, or run away, if the attacker attacks with just bare hands. Also there is a chance that the attacker’s thirst of hatred will be quenched by striking some blows (which hopefully, won’t be fatal). 

Also killing by a gun, perhaps shields the violence of the act to the one who is executing it. By bare hands the gore of the act, may perhaps trigger some dormant empathy in the person. 

I think world is just modernizing fast, and compromising a lot of good old virtues like chivalry/bravery/etc. along the way. Lets dream a future, say if it becomes a core human norm that to kill with a weapon (guns/knife/bomb) is a very cowardly and shameful act. And if one must kill, one must do it with bare hands. And not just in one-on-one combat, but it also becomes a core value of the way wars are fought. Then its bound to have a lot of positive impact on humanity. 

More people will try to be fit, for a purpose. And fitness will have some correlation to self defence. As of now, one can be cynical, as to whats the point of being able to have the highest level of strength and endurance, if its of no use against a gun wielding “mad” man. Or perhaps its a killer on hire by some other “mad” men. 

People talk of nuclear disarmament. I think its also needed to get rid of all the guns and other weapons too. Surely somebody can come up with a very complicated argument as to why its not possible, and this is core to our evolution as humans – a scientific advancement from the first axe that humans built. But it is really very simple. 

If we really value human life, then allowing guns for anybody is hypocritical to say the least. Just like building up nuclear arsenals as a deterrant for nuclear war! Another common argument which somebody might make is that the “evil” people then, may still continue to make and use guns. Don’t really have a strong counter for that, other than not killing using weapons of anykind should become an ingrained human value almost like wearing clothes. And anybody caught pursuing building of a weapon of any kind, would be punished as per the laws e.g. sent to jail. 

I think, in general, what is required is perhaps a very sane approach to what constitutes progress. 


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