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Notes from building an Android app

September 7, 2012

Update on Apr 16 2013

1. Watch the education from Markana all youtube videos starting from  (which is second lecture in the series, better to watch till atleast 6, which is the UI)

2. This one will probably be needed to be watched multiple times. As its on app design. It uses 8 versions of Yamba app to demonstrate more complex use of building blocks. Starting from just an activity in Yamba 1, to almost everything (Activity, Service, Intent, Content Provider, Service, Widget, BroadCast Receiver, Application) in Yamba 8.

3. The UI design videos start at 06 onwards upto 08 (there are three parts)

06 –

07 – (This one tells how to edit properties of layout and value XML files. )

08 – (Continues on more of the XML things of 07, background etc. Then goes onto the java side of it. )

09 – (Making a webservice call fro the UI)

Notes added on Sep 7 2012

1. This youtube video is good for building performant apps (Google I/O 2010 – Writing zippy Android apps)

2)  Thanks to blogger at for ListView sample
3) There is a decision to be made between AsyncTask and IntentService. I am inclined to go for AsyncTask initially and then use IntentService if needed later.

4) Good sample code for XML parsing on Android:


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