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Google vs Facebook

October 4, 2012

Just a thought on which is more important Google or Facebook. I think, its a no brainer. Below I tell why…

Imagine Google search engine (just considering the flagship product) going off for 2 months. People will be pained by some degree. They will switch to others (bing being the main gainer). Now Google comes back, after two months, and so do the people start to come back, as Google search is still a better product than bing.

Now imagine same thing happens to Facebook. Its off for 2 months. What happens? …

Nothing actually! People suffer from withdrawal symptoms for a couple of weeks. Also they finally shift to a competing product (Google+ ?). And they are happy immediately. After two months Facebook is live, now it finds itself in the shows of Google+, (the present roles are reversed). Why should people move, when they already have Google+.

Please note that I have no financial interest in Google. In fact I heavily want somebody … some body … to compete with Google in search. Blekko team are you listening? … But heck, there is no value in Facebook other than a week of transient data. Whole lot of people who just consume on facebook, actually don’t give a figleaf for their history data. Those who do, write on wordpress and take backups on EC2, but I digress…


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