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Discovered a blog with high quality essays on Science and Maths

October 9, 2012

Today HN had a top comment by lutusp ( His comment made me look up his profile and led to his blog. He is a former NASA engineer, and also a programmer, amongst many other things. He is in mid sixties and saw mentions of some Android app, apparently done by him on his blog( 

On his blog he had written on various subjects.  I quickly went on to Science and Maths section. And found some gems there. First I just glimpsed on a tutorial-article on calculus. Which I quickly found to be on the lines of my thinking on the subject. Only yesterday, I was describing Calculus to my elder son, while explaining him the concept of acceleration. Should mention that I was glad to find a person held in esteem by people, and a solid (in knowledge) sort of a guy, thought about a subject in the same way as I (actually I should have said this thing the other way round 🙂 )

Listing down three essays on Science that I liked, and they (hopefully) enriched my knowledge and improved my outlook on the respective topics: 


1) A great article on Evolution (

2) A case study of a psycho lady, whose attitude was destroying the life of her family (

3) On why Psychology is not (yet) science ( 


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