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Skyfall review

November 6, 2012


One confused man, worried if he is too old. Several confused people also worrying if he is too old. An MI6 chief who should have rather stayed home looking after her cats, or knitting a sweater! A rookie of a black woman, who provides a gender and race balance to the movie, in a cliched role.

And then there is Xavier Bardem, who makes up for all the other losses, while adding spunk to the affair. To be fair, the “confused man” bit was harsh, and Daniel Craig playing James Bond is decent, in an earnest performance.

One regret is that Bardem didn’t shoot that MI6 lady chief down earlier on in the movie. Would have spared some tears and added pace to the movie, while serving as a fair reward for demonstrating incompetence in dangerous matters.

Lowest point of the movie is right in the beginning, where the Lady chief shouts “take that shot”, while remote controlling that rookie (who is thrown in for gender and race balance, remember). That moment also serves as a poignant reminder of equally ignorant (and confident appearing) IT managers who don’t hesitate to shout out “we need to deliver by Monday” or “we all need to come on this Saturday”.

The highest point of the movie is provided by Bardem in a fight sequence in an underground area. Not providing the details here as to not spoil the movie for somebody reading this review before watching the movie.

Overall the film is well made and manages to hold the interest for most parts of the movie. But does not give a lot of fresh feel, as it has very few things which look like being seen for the first time and original (that Bardem high point mentioned in the above para being one of the fresh things).

Overall the movie is enjoyable and I rate it 3 out of 5.

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  1. first paragraph is funny.

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