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January 4, 2013


At present, there are around 10 posts on this blog. Two movie reviews. A couple on code I have written. Some on tech-politics. One book review (the very first one). And some are just notes to myself.

Going forward plan (and hope) to write more frequently over here.

Have decided to write anonymously, to keep myself free from any bindings. However, I do keep in mind that some day, I might decide to put my identity here. Or some people close, may be able to guess, based on any clues in a post. So I write as if I am addressing ‘a-silent-but-earnest-listener’.

Another objective to start this blog has been, to have my space on the Internet, outside of any walled gardens (social networks).

Also until today, I had not published this blog link as part of my bio, any where. Today, for the first time I added it on my HN bio If you were led to this blog from HN please say ‘Hi’.


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