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Notes on Elon Musk Jan 2013 ComputerHistory Interview

March 10, 2013

A good interview with Elon Musk, on a wide range of topics – ambition, invention and work habits.


1. His adventure as a 6 year old boy
2. Trying to convince his parents to move to USA
3. He was able to think of three areas which impact the future, when in late teens early twenties – Internet, Energy and Space 
4. Story of Zip2 
5. Story of PayPal
6. Founding of SpaceX . How he just wanted to buy a rocket either from Boeing or from Russia (the latter bit is funny) 
7. Founding of Tesla – which he always wanted to do (i.e. Electric Cars) 
8. Convincing his friends to start Solar City at Burning Man. 
9. Time management bit (how much/less he sleeps)
10. His views on Government
11. He wants to die on Mars, but not on impact!
12. Didn’t like the interviewer forcing him to be humble on the SJ comparison. Even after it was obvious that he did not like him a great deal

PS: Wonder, if kids get inspired by this stuff, or is it a bit too boring for them.


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