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Read Gary Taubes ‘Why do we get fat..’ book

March 10, 2013

Read Gary Taubes book. Very educating. Highly recommended read to anybody interested to know the science behind body metabolism and why there is an epidemic of Obesity. 

1) Basic proposition is to tell the value of a High Fat and low Carb diet. How eating Carbs trigger insulin in the blood. Which mainly work to store all the glucose as fat. 

2) Particularly it is harmful to people having ‘Insulin Resistance’ or a Metabolic Syndrome. 

3) The book, also refers to this youtube video by Stanford Prof. Christopher Gardner, for a study conducted on Atkins diet (High Fat, Low Carb) vs Traditional diet for the past 30-40 years in US (High Carb, Low Fat). The study shows that Atkins diet proved to be the most beneficial among 311 women. Particularly it benefited those with ‘Insulin resistance’.

4) One measure of Insulin resistance is a high triglycerides to HDL ratio. Ideally it should be around 2 (e.g. tryglycerides count of 100 and HDL of 50). 4 and above is high



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