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A mother. A dream

March 17, 2013

It was late in the afternoon and we were late. I was thinking to myself ‘Oh God, let today not be the day’. I started to walk faster as I thought this. My wife was accompanying me to the place where my mother was staying. We passed down the corridor and reached the room. I knocked at the door, but there was no response from inside. I moved a bit to the left raising myself on my toes, such that her bed was visible from over the cabin’s wall. I could see her there, ‘Oh God please…’. “Mummy”, I shouted “Mummy uthiye..”. Normally, she would getup at our knocking and move feebly to open the door.

After shouting a few times, I got impatient and tried to open the door ourselves. Thankfully it opened. She began to move slowly, as we got in. Thank God she was there! She half rose from her bed, and sat in a confused state. I could see that she had wet her bed. Sad at that, but relieved that she was alive.

How she had raised me and my sister so caringly when she was young and had lot of energy. But now she was in her twilight, and had lost control over many of her functions. But she still could recognize us, and so retained the most important part of her brain function. I was filled with emotion and could not breathe properly. There was less air in the room I thought. ‘Oh God, please cure her of this, and I will be nice I promise’, I thought and continued to breath forcefully.

Then I woke up. I had been asleep and it was a dream. Normally, when waking out of a bad dream, one is very thankful. But not today. I was still breathing forcefully. ‘Oh God, please cure her of her ailments and let me see her daily. Let today not be the day, and I will be nice I promise’.


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