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Lootera review

July 7, 2013

Lootera is a splendid effort by Vikramaditya Motwane. His earlier one, Udaan, was also very good. He only improves in his second movie. Which I think is a rare thing to do. Its not easy to exceed your first movie, and few manage it. The casting is also good. Sonakshi surpasses expectations. Ranveer is good. But he does not exactly shine throughout. In some emotively difficult moments, his eyes and body language precisely convey nothing! But overall he still does very well. Particularly when he is playing the tough guy, he finds his comfort zone.

Motwane uses silence brilliantly, and in some difficult emotional scenes the silence seems endless, and you find yourself in an awkward moment, and fear that your neighbor in the hall may hear you breathe. The friend of the lead character is particularly noteworthy, when imitating Dev Anand. Paricularly when he is addressing a bunch of clueless workers, and speaking in the fashion after Dev Anand, both the tone and the way his body is swaying :-).

The twist in the tale does catch you by surprise, unless you have read a spoiler-review.

This movie also highlights the relation between movie quality and where in the spectra the effort lies. Quickly defining the movie effort spectra:

–Acting/Actors — stunts/episodes — Direction/Directors — Script — Story —

Some/most movies are successful just because of a mixture of the brand of the actors and the stunts they do or the comic/emotional episodes they create. Think Salman Khan and his successes in Dabang and other movies; Or SRK in movies like RaOne and that Challa movie. On the other hand there are brilliant movies like ‘Special 26’, ‘Kahaani’, and ‘Luv Shuv te Chicken Khurana’ which are good because of the interesting script. And occasionally they are telling a good story.

But often a movie looks very good to a critic, if director is in control, sufficiently backed by a good script. As Cinema at its brilliant best, is a director’s medium. Perhaps commercial compulsions forced the director to go with stars (or somewhat stars), as I doubt that ‘Udaan’ was a big commercial success. Perhaps this movie might have looked even better with some fresh faces (think Ashiqui 2, which also by no means is a boring movie*). Also seemingly, the era of tragic-romances is back, this being the third in a seqence the other two being Ashiqui 2 and Ranjhana+.

In some really fine movies you can check most of those effort-spectra boxes. And this is one such movie. The script has been adapted from O. Henry’s ‘The last leaf’. (Wonder, who are those powerful short story writers of today?). And adapted quite competently, with influences of one other special movie, which I don’t want to name as it can act like a spoiler. The setting of the first half is splendid. The first half is all spring/summer time with green and brown background. While the second half is all winter with snow and grey colors.

Also the stunts/episodes factor is also brilliantly done whether its dialogs in a picnic scene. Or how some dialogs spoken at one time, tie in beautifully to a later moment.

Overall this movie is about beauty. And reminds us of beauty in various dimensions – beauty in looks of characters, beauty in gentler language and beauty in suffering and repentance.

But must qualify the last sentence, by saying that by being beautiful you lose up on reality. As reality is not so romantic, and people worry about trifles, and no body can always find concurrency between their intentions and their actions.

But as said, this movie is about beauty and about romanticism. Also that ‘Sawaar Loon’ song ( ) lingers on with you, the next day after you watch the movie.

This amateur critic rates the movie 3.5 out of 5

* The movie can have flaws, but it must not be banal.
+ Some people have rushed to criticize Ranjhana, but its a big success and deservedly so in my opinion


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  1. reminds me that raja sen gave this 5 on 5. he even gave looper and the lunchbox 5. looks like he likes movies with the name ‘L’ in it.

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