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Shudh Desi Romance review

September 11, 2013

Warning: Some spoilers may be there in the review, but they are referred in an indirect way..

The lingering thought in my mind after having watched the movie is this could have been a better movie. The director attempts to treat it as real. But goes only half the step. The sets in the form of the middle class room the girl stays in, or the Santro car the boy drives are very real. So are the dialogues. Overall it feels real. 

But the movie falters in some of the core areas. The characters and the story/script. They don’t seem real at all. Take the boys character. One fails to understand, why he is such a commitment phobe. Would have been plausible if he had been an upper class ‘yuppie’ a-la Dil Chata hai for instance. But here we are talking about a very middle class town boy, who also happens to be an orphan. Why would an orphan not want to live in a family for a change? 

Similarly both the girls characterization had a lot of flaws. The compatibility between an IAS aspirant girl and a baraati-for-hire guy does not look plausible. Looks to be an idea adapt-lifted from an American movie. Also in an Indian context, and after having “experienced” the male psyche, why is the girl offering the guy “what-he-really-wants” for free? 

The second girl also, not learning from the first hurt, and going on a (convenient-for-director) ego-satisfying trip does not look believable. Also the way she is conveniently dealt away a second time. 

Overall it seems the director or the script-writer are very intent to make a point, against the institution of marriage. And so they have not bothered to do a reality check of whether their version of “reality” applies well to the context of middle class characters in a small town. 

The acting though is very competent. And the movie does not bore. But it could have been a much better movie with a really ‘real’ story. I rate it as 1.5 out of 5.


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  1. Seems strange but everyone has his own views.

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