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Some english songs I like recently

September 17, 2013

Recently my kids introduced me to some lovely songs, I have begin to like. Mostly they are Linkin park songs. And some others like the one of David Guetta. Below are some of the favorites: 

1) Alphabeat, David Guetta

2) Linkin Park – Figure .09

3) Linkin Park – Somewhere I belong

4) Linkin Park – Lost in the echo 

5) Fort Minor – remember the name

6) Green day – Boulevard of broken dreams 

Note: Some of the songs above have curse words and bad language, so typically its better to listen to clean version, if you are allergic to profanity like me. Simply suffix ‘clean version’ to any song e.g. ‘Fort minor clean version’ to get the clean version. 

Note 2: Some of these songs have a dark theme. But we listen to it mostly for the music and beats. Often just not pay too much attention to lyrics. 


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  1. The first 2 songs are highlighted while the rest are not

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