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Thoughts on Elysium

October 5, 2013

Saw Elysium today. It was good. But could have been better.
Casting: I thought casting was not proper. Jodie Foster didn’t look as evil as the role she was playing. She should have commanded more hate like perhaps the lady who plays Jackson (who is chief of security for the Indian Casino) in the TV series ‘The Killing’. Similarly the other guy who helps Matt Damon in getting to Elysium, could have been played by an actor with more authority. As I felt he was almost like Che Guevara in what he was trying to do. But the role did not get the footage it deserved in the script.

Overall Matt Damon did a splendid job. And carries the film on his shoulders. Of course the script is very good. So full marks to the Director Neill Blomkamp who also wrote the script.

The movie holds interest through out, but the first half is more interesting than the second. As it builds the very interesting premise of the movie. Also the action scene in the first half where they try to kidnap the CEO of a company is very splendidly shot.

As I wrote above, the second half also holds interest but it goes for some “masala” stuff like the long drawn fight scene between hero Matt Damon and that psychopathic villain. And by the way that’s another casting error in my opinion. That role either could have been diminished in importance or played in a better way.

The icing for me was the bit on software being used to serve justice. If I say more it will be a spoiler. I liked it a lot, as I have written elsewhere that software can be used to replace (or at least diminish the role of) politicians. And that last bit, makes me give an extra half point to this movie and rate it 3.5 out of 5.


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