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Saw Richard Dawkin’s video series…

October 13, 2013

Saw the Richard Dawkin’s 3-part documentary titled ‘Sex, Death and The meaning of life’

(Link to the 3rd part is here:

It was very interesting and also educating. Even if you don’t agree with all of it, in the series. It will challenge and expand the thought. Particularly liked this section on how he explains a leaf and how its related to us (this part starts at 42:15 in the part-3 video link given above). It goes as:

“A leaf is a chemical factory. It’s a flat-roofed factory and on the flat roof are solar panels gathering sunlight to drive the machinery of the factory. There are wheels, almost literally wheels going round and round, biochemical wheels, driven by the energy from the sun and manufacturing food for the plant – [i.e.] sugars. And the sugars are then piped, in this, what almost looks like a river system, into the central stem and into the rest of the plant. That’s where all the food from the plant comes from. And even OUR food comes from that because we eat plants, or we eat animals that eat plants, and so energy that drives our bodies, every one of our trillions of cells comes ultimately frm the sun and it flows down a river system like this ultimately into us.

It gets even better – the genetic code used by this plant is the same as the one that’s used by you. Even 50% of the genes are the same. This plant is your cousin. [And you thought it’s] Just a weed?”

Simple brilliant. Ain’t it? And mind horizon expanding.

The below text is my own (meta) thought, triggered after watching the videos. Well, there were several thoughts, that were triggered. But this thought is like a soft-landing, if watching the videos, with a mind of a religious person.

It’s moot to debate in the abstract. Often it is just a game to win an argument, with both the ‘facts’ on either side. So whoever can beat down the other party’s ‘facts’ harder, with his/her ‘facts’, wins.

Answers are often found for self. In the context of a problem faced by the self. And quite often, when the problem seems insurmountable.

In the absence of any real pressing problems. Getting carried away by any ideology, is just that, getting carried away. A mind has its own needs. It, perhaps, loves challenges. If there are none. It can surely find or create some.


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