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Thoughts on ‘Beautiful Minds: Richard Dawkins’ video

November 9, 2013

Saw this:


Its good. Very interesting to know Dawkins got addicted to programming in the late 60s and 70s. Understood clearly what the ‘Selfish’ implied in the ‘The Selfish Gene’. Its not that we are and should be selfish people. We are fragile carriers of the gene. We are even altruistic towards our relatives, for example, for the sake of the selfish gene.

On Antagonistic attitude towards Religion:

Don’t understand why the following question should not be asked:

1. Why did Religions come into being, from an evolutionary perspective?
– I don’t agree with taking a totally anti-religion stand, for several reasons. One example: Perhaps they helped us become more civil to each other. Therefore created individual altruistic modes, which helps the cause of the “selfish Gene” .

2. Also are the camps of religious and atheists, really that tightly segregated?

– I think, it boils down to education. Almost all of modern conventional school education directs one towards Science. So religion is more to draw upon, in case of need. More of like a spiritual exercise. It will keep on occupying the space which we presently don’t know anything about.  As perhaps, we as humans, seek meaning in our lives, which Science does not completely provide, at present. So why not make peace with religion? i.e. make a pact of peaceful co-existence. And the truth shall win, as it has seemingly. All the technology, which makes the life of even religious people easier, is based on Science.


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