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Is alcohol on society’s collective blind spot?

November 24, 2013

Is alcohol on society’s collective blind spot? … Every cinema show starts with anti smoking messages. One can empathize, that the ugliness in those visuals is perhaps needed to drive home the harm-to-health health point of view… but with all these sex crimes, there is hardly a discussion on alcohol (ab)use… From all the anecdotal evidence I have seen, I am strongly convinced of its highly negative effect on society… Its more likely than not, that your domestic help’s family is suffering in some way because of an alcoholic husband in the family…Don’t know about the Delhi case an year ago, but can’t imagine them all in anything but a drunken state (will be interesting to learn the facts of the case)…now this case, and so many other cases…but hardly see any discourse on this topic…Kudos to Aamir Khan for covering this in Satyameva Jayate… Society is afflicted by group think… first we all rush in one direction, then after some time in another…I think effects of alcohol are behind the society’s collective blind spot… Contrasting it with smoking, the smoking affects the body, but the alcohol effects the mind*, and its so less talked about.

* Not condoning smoking. Just contrasting it with alcohol.

Please note: My main point is just alcohol, and its effects. Not wanting to shift the subject to other topics.


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