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Liberals and Conservatives

May 11, 2014

I salute liberals in any land, as they are the ones, who often are the first to see and highlight the pain of the other. Other meaning the migrants and minorities of various kinds. Where as conservatives just focus on wrong done to them and theirs. Some of which is real, mostly percieved. And they are at their worst form of arrogance, when there are good times because of other factors. For example, a policy change brought about by liberals, to which their contribution may have been minimal.

Its the liberals who bring about great social change, whether its abolition of slavery, or abolition of Sati, or abolition of blasphemy laws. And here I use the word liberal in the broadest sense, does not matter if Lincoln belonged to Republican party. If I were to define it, to me being liberal, at present, is being open in the mind to all directions. Being able to look at Scientific facts, to dispel the ugly parts of religion. At the same time look at what parts of religion which add beauty to human life, and allow them to exist with respect. To support the cause of justice, before any other. To empathize with the pain of the other, apart from just self.

Closer home, it puzzles me, that those that have migrated to other lands, and have gained at the expense of systems put in place by the liberals of that land, espouse the cause of conservatism back in their native lands. May be, for them it may take some real life experience, in terms of insult or injury, by some extreme right wingers, to see the value in liberalism, and bring the hypocrisy of their inconsistency to light for them.

Being in any kind of minority (religious or ethnic) in any land, automatically, makes one value the liberals of the land. As they are the ones who seem to understand you and your pain. Because if there is not any of them liberals, then it will be just you who would be harping for your cause. And your credibility will of course be less, as it being you, are obviously biased.

Often its seen, that minorities also fall into the trap of conservatism, because of a ghetto mindset. Typically, in my opinion, its due to relying for some things on religious education, over modern scientific education. An example of these things is practicing active prejudice when it comes to eating a meal cooked by the other. That must also of course be equally condemned. As that allows the conservatives belonging to majority groups, to have enough examples of rotten apples, which thankfully feed the survival and flourishing of their creed.

So really can’t thank enough all the liberals in my land, and in all lands. I salute you. And to conservatives: Well, I hope you get the point some day. Your kids will surely see and be critics of what you supported.


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