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Technology not resulting in modernity

May 28, 2014

One would think that use of technology would usher in modernism in other spheres also. For example, a person being able to handle his religion better. Better in the sense that able to argue what’s good and what’s not good.

But mostly it does not happen. And often you see that a person could be using the latest technology and also be ultra-conservative in outlook. Why is that?

I have a theory.

I think it happens because we are just consumers of most of the technology.

Whether its the latest smartphone we use. Or the latest Car we drive. Our understanding of the Science behind the technology is not even skin deep. We have a very vague idea of how it all works.

I think the problem is the capitalistic nature of the society.

Capitalism can work well, if all work at the same level of depth in various areas. But in practice, it results in a tiny few working on very deep matters. Where as the bulk of the populace working on much shallower stuff.

Working in shallow stuff, does not change our perspective at all. As in it does not challenge us enough.

Imagine if a terrorist makes his own weapons, right from the Physics and Science of it. And lest if you jump to argue, that in many cases they do, to that I say, no, I don’t mean just assemble following a manual.

I mean the entire Science of it. Right from the neutrons, protons and electrons. I dare say, there is a good chance that working his way this way, the terrorist, might have to venture into a deep study of Science, as a result of which he ends up challenging some indoctrinated dogmas of his religion. And so is a changed human being post his project.

And the reason, I find capitalism is to blame is because, capitalism is designed for mass production, competition and consumerism. And its the consumerism, which is totally non-uplifting.

Imagine instead, a society just based on teaching and self sustenance. In which specialization is less, and the man’s entire life is just building his own stuff for his need.

So there also we will make technological progress. But we will make our own gadgets, each one of us. No more queuing up infront of an Apple store to buy the latest Iphone 6. Or waiting to buy the Tesla Car.  But each guy makes his own IPhone or Android and his own Tesla car.

That doesn’t mean there will be no help. A guy who makes a better one, liked by others, perhaps will get bragging rights for his process being copied by others.

So in this mode, there is no one guy catching the fish in bulk, to sell the fish later on in the market. For lazy bums to just venture out to buy the fish. Or why, as it happens, just order online. In this new mode, each guy fishes his own.

So in this way this huge knowledge gap which is there between two human beings – one at the top end and one at the bottom end – won’t be there. And so there are less chances of harmful religious indoctrination to remain.

The hypothesis being that it remains only because of idleness and not striving. Because of being spoon fed rather than feeding the self.

May be we can have a better society this way?


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