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Humpty Sharma ki…Karan Johar

July 30, 2014

‘Dil se sochta hoon, dimag se nahin’! I thought we were done with such crap in hindi movies. Dil is a blood circulating organ you retards at KJo school of movie making. And why does Aliya Bhatt has to wear such a heavy makeup (3 coats) for a morning jog? This tribute to DDLJ, which defined that era of SRK’s over-the-top romantic stupidity, makes that one looks like a classic. Alia Bhatt was much better in Highway. And Varun Dhawan looked to match steps with Siddharth Malhotra, in SOTY, another KJo school classic, who after that has left him behind by his solid performance in a very watchable ‘Hasi to Phasi’.

Why beat that cliche to death, of two hero’s jobless friends, hanging around with that loser? I can’t understand why would anybody marry him for his ‘dil-ka-achcha-hoon’ buffoonery. Not even his cow should.

Siddharth Shukla is likeable. So are Varun Dhawan and Ms. Bhatt. But not in the way, a proper movie with proper characters. They are likeable for giving fairly decent and laugh generating performances in a cliched characterization.

Special mention for Ashutosh Rana. Where does that guy live, when not acting in this movie? Last I saw him as psychopath in one hindi movie, chasing Kajol(?) and he looked menacing. And didn’t see him after that. Think he is easily one of the most menacing people around, on screen of course.
Lot of friends and reviewers, whose views I respect, have been rather generous to this movie. I guess movie watching experience is a very subjective affair.

Only saving grace is that, it does not bore, and for that I give it 2/5.


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