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To me inclusive politics is the biggest act of nationalism. Go AAP!

February 10, 2015

Had AAP lost this election, it would surely have been a goner…So thanks to the powers that be and the voters of Delhi, that AAP and alternative politics remain an option!

BJP tried very hard to extinguish that दिया by putting full force using various means. Few examples:

1) Full page news paper ads having PM on the voting day

2) dirty tricks calling AAP people as urban naxals and very undignified speeches by the PM, mocking them on ‘रात को पैसा आता है’ etc..

3) shocking them by fielding first Bedi then Ilmi and also Binny (remember him?)

4) Fielding the entire cabinet and so many MPs to campaign in Delhi…

And another point which is personally very important to me:
5) They themselves use very communal (e.g. Ghar wapsi, love Jihad etc), means, but make fun of anybody using the term secular to balance that. To gently remind, the word secular is in the constitution, and we must not be shy of using it. The connotations of that to India are the same as the word ‘racism’ in the US. Congress may have beaten it to death, but that doesn’t mean that the idea itself is not valid.

And then they even have the audacity to ridicule people on their voting choices, people still voted for congress all these years, because they were at least overtly secular, despite all the gaffes and acts of omission on uplifting the level of minorities.

So in comes BJP, who mocks any one who uses the term secular, by using shameful terms like sickular, and then wants minorities to vote for them, despite all their parent (RSS) and related orgs (VHP) and their own MPs making all kinds of disturbing noises (love jihad, ghar wapsi…)

Its a basic psychological thing, that I give a foot for development, if I don’t feel secure. Is it so difficult to understand? AAP understands it very well. So Muslims even love them giving a snub to that Imam, who was well used by the Congress all these years.

Some of my well meaning friends say that RSS may be communal, but it is at least nationalist. Totally beats me, what are you gonna do, with hollow love for the land, which does not include the people who live on it. To me inclusive politics is the biggest act of nationalism. Go AAP!


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