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Arvind Kejriwal does not display responsibility with power, impulsive and takes rash decisions

March 12, 2015

Very shocking and saddening turn of events for AAP. Their treatment of YY and PB in the recent weeks, was no way justifiable. For the first time yesterday, I didn’t feel bad when AK sting came out – felt sort of like ‘serves them right’.

Also they seem to be doing everything in hyper-fast motion – the sharp rise, fall (due to stupid resignation), spectacular comeback in Delhi and then coming apart withing days of it, again…AK’s personality – impulsive and taking rash decisions have caught on with the entire party, unfortunately, it seems.

Only saving grace is that many of AAP supporters (including several FB friends) have come out strongly, and not defended them. Chances are slim, of a good scenario playing out. My confidence will be restored if YY and PB, come back to the main stream. Some others like Ashutosh, Sanjay Singh and other coterie members are punished appropriately. And also AK, just focuses on Delhi. And is able to restrain his impulses, and accepts the sting mistake, fair and square. Wishful thinking, I know.

I won’t be supporting it, as much, in the future, if they just give a silent treatment to YY and PB, or punish them more. And just hope, that “aaptards” will keep supporting them. Well, they got this one wrong as there are no aaptards here actually. And thankfully so! People saw something beautiful happening and wanted to trust. But if they leave things like this, then they deserve double punishment, for destroying that trust.

Yesterday and today ‪#‎AAPBreakup‬ has been trending. Ankit Lal tried to trend a counter trend like ‪#‎GhantaSting‬. But there were few takers, thankfully. Kumar Viswas tried to trend ‪#‎UnitedAAP‬ yesterday. Should have thought about it earlier, when YY and PB were not removed from PAC still. And honest to goodness volunteers and supporters tried to trend the #UnitedAAP. But it fell on deaf ears, and no offcial accounts supported that trend before 5th March. This itself tells a story. Yesterday, was a bit late, I guess, and seemed desperate.

Even now, the situation, is not totally beyond redemption. But sane minds & voices have to lead, and be allowed to lead. AK has clearly shown, that he is not responsible with power, and takes one too many rash decisions. He definitely has a lot of positives, like mass appeal, blah-blah…but if left on his own, and his coterie of bhakts, he can be destructive, and in a hurry!


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