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#NetNeutrality debate in India

April 10, 2015

Its great to see TOI also joining the ‪#‎NetNeutrality‬ campaign[1]…so now it will come in the mainstream discussions which is good…

Earlier saw the twisted logic by Flipkart/Airtel that its like toll-free calls! Wow conventional phones have been there for over half a century (or more!), but they did not disrupt the convention of business as much as Internet.

IMHO Internet is simply too powerful a medium, to mess with, without thinking of consequences. Its very open and accessible as of now, which has allowed so much of innovation to happen.

If some telcos, have less margins or go out of business, as a result, then so be it. Nobody should be allowed to mess with Internet.

US few months back, already set a good precedent. And we should follow the same.

If allowed to go ahead, definitely there are more even scenarios, where it may just stay as a parallel alternative. Best case, it dies out after a few months.

But think of worst case – what if it becomes a defacto norm for people to access Internet. For them Internet is ‘free’, and they can use some apps like FlipKart, Google, FB, Twitter, and a few more. One/or few in each category.

What kind of a business market place you will end up having?…Giant monopolies. And what kind of Internet you will end up having?…It will be just few walled gardens, and rest of the Internet may be just for ‘geeks’.

its definitely a worst case scenario, but even if its possible #NetNeutrality should be strongly defended.

Basically the choice is between free “Internet”, where Internet itself means a few walled-garden apps placed by monopolies vs. Freedom to use and do business on Internet. Quite easy to choose really.

PS: Its really sad, that such a successful company like Flipkart would do this. Also the founder claims that he is for #NetNeutrality , and then goes on to give his twisted logic…



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