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Thoughts after seeing Powerwall by Tesla and Elon Musk

May 1, 2015

This summer we are seeing so many power cuts in Bangalore, more than last year. Two almost full nights without power, and yesterday a tree fell down on electrical supply wires, on my street, resulting in another 4+ hours of outage…and in such circumstances when you hear of Powerwall[1], a (likely to be) revolutionary product from Tesla, you need it like you need Batman in Gotham city, or better still like water after doing roza…but as some Australian tweeter joked on twitter “that will it come by 2048 in Australia?”, he spoke on behalf of many other countries as well. Can we see it soon in India?

Also this seems like a safe and clean energy resource. Its Solar for Holy-Cow’s sake! And knowing people say that its safe, owing it to be lithium based, compared to acid based batteries, and it seems entirely believable to this layman.

And not to forget the stunning & audacious vision of every home with self sufficient power supply. Then what are we going to need the Nuclear power plants for? Also the current fragile-than-a-china-cup and unreliable power distribution systems in India, can simply be by-passed.

My God, just get me this power supply & self driven cars in India. (The rash and killer drivers ought to go out of streets, even if it means unemployement with respect to that profession. In the future we are either going to make robots/machines or just “enjoy” life any way).

And Elon Musk again raises the bar, of what humans can do, if they just want to and get to doing it. US must be doing a lot of things right, to get such talent to migrate to their land*.


* – Lessons to all other societies & politicians, of not to at-least mess with peace and stability or a good culture in their own lands. Making people feel ‘not belong’, is the worst possible sin. And all your empty naarebaazi, like ‘Make in India’ is just going to be that empty-naare baazi, and in the future robots are going to make stuff anyway, and all the ‘labour’ is just going to be of the highly skilled kind…so working on this manufacturing related outsourcing dynamic, may simply not work, as robots are going to make stuff, close to wherever the resources are, and everything will be optimized in terms of lowest energy & environment concerns. (Sorry for this political rant addendum, but I believe its relevant…Also, I believe politics rarely adds significant value to society in times of peace, but it can do considerable damage, which must be guarded against.)


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