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Running vs Cycling as a form of exercise

May 17, 2015

Today I did 20+ km of cycling at a leisurely pace of around 1 and half hour. The Runkeeper app shows 561 calories burnt.

Contrast this with a run of 10 Km in 1:07, the app shows 874 calories. So roughly (based on just one sample) relaxed cycling costs 28 calories/km. Whereas running (not relaxed, thats also important) is roughly 87 cals/km.

So can we say that running is roughly thrice (87/28 ~ 3.1) as effective as a form of exercise, compared to cycling?

But of course each form of exercise has its own pros/cons as it acts on different muscle sets. Somehow, I ‘felt’ that cycling would be better for the knees. But not good at all for the seat (after 10k it starts to get a bit uncomfortable smile emoticon )


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