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Discovered – best site seen in past two years

May 25, 2015

I linger on hacker news ( via (gives a good gist of daily stories on the former, and daily see a lot of very good articles (technical/startup/life/any other topic).

But rarely do I come across a site, which was so many indepth articles on Science. So I can safely say is the best site seen by me in the past few years.

Whole of this Saturday and Sunday were spent reading some great articles on it. Let me list them all:

1) The Fermi Paradox
— wait its not a boring topic. Its about why we haven’t found any signs of life so far in the universe. As its so vast. It talks about a neat concept of ‘The great filter’, which may be the reason, why we haven’t seen. Very very interesting.

2) AI
— again lots of takeaways. Technological progress is exponential – diff between 1750 and 2000 is similar to 1750 and 12000 BC!. We are at the cusp of tech explosion. Computers (AI) are expected to overhaul humans in the next 20 or so years! (I still can’t believe it though). But its a must read, and stunning article.

3) It has lots of other articles (read the ones on religion also if you can). Liked his definition of atheism == ‘Not from Guyana’
— this cartoon (below) is a must see and enjoy. (See it again, after reading the posts on this topic)


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