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Kangana Ranaut shines (again) in Tanu weds Manu returns

May 26, 2015

Queen was great. And Tanu weds Manu returns is also very enjoyable. Kangana Ranaut shines in the double role, especially in the second role of playing a Harayanvi and with the same accent.

I guess comparisons are considered bad taste, but can’t help it, so here goes. Deepika played a Tamil girl in Chennai Express, and that was good. But in contrast you can find some tiny bits of fakeness in her role, and over-the-top-ness. This character is so well played by Kangana.

And she is one actress, for which one wants to root for. There are other good female actresses, but Kangana is better. And not just first among equals. She is clearly better.

And in between movies she is not much seen on TV, neither in Ads, nor in too many award shows. Which makes her all the more endearing.

When I was a kid, my most favorite Indian actor was AB. When I was very young, my favorite became Aamir Khan. Now, when I am middle aged, AK, has a risk, to be dethroned, if Kangana gives one another movie like this. She is almost there now.

Now for the other aspects of the movie. Plot is bad in parts, particularly the kidnapping episode in the second half was mostly unnecessary. Madhavan is dependable. Gets a lot of screen time, and plays the supporting actor very well. His side kick, could have done better. Rajpal Yadav has played these kinds of roles excellently. Jimmy Shergil has played his part ably. That other guy (the third aashiq!) also performs well in an important role of giving free rides to our lady.

The whole movie has been lifted on Kangana Ranaut’s shoulders. The movie is senseless in parts (in fact quite a bit of it is very retro, even sexist) but that said, it is much more sensible than our macho males (Sallu bhai, Akshay (not in all movies), Devgan(once made good movies, but I cringed watching his Shivay trailer during the beginning of this movie)) are riding on those idiotic-action-movies-with-gym-and-oil-applied-shiny-shirtless-bodies (yes long description, but that’s what they have become).

I would instead very much prefer, this kind of non-violent senselessness, which has drama and some over the top fun. And some emotion, which at least makes you want to root for some characters. So go Kangana go, dethrone all those stupid, middle-aged actors and their shiny bodies. Hindi Cinema is for you to own. Its high time.

And yes the movie rating. I give it 3.75 out of 5.


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