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Saw Dil Dhadakne do…

June 6, 2015

Saw #DilDhadakneDo Okee-dokee time pass stuff…gets a bit too preachy for my taste…AK (as the voice of the dog) is highly irritating in this one, totally editable (i.e. edit-out) stuff, makes the course of the story very jarring…acting is all good…Anil Kapoor is the best of them all, and all the actors get enough time and footage, unlike what all the reviews say that its just Anil Kapoor and Ranveer Singh show.

The Akhtar brother and sister are better movie makers, compared to the KJo school of movie making, but I find them not being able to match their first movies. Farhan made DCH, and Zoya made a very likable Luck by chance, which had an even more likable and memorable song[1], which itself packs several punches, while depicting emotions of stugglers in an audition scene. The problem with this movie is that it never rises to this level. Watch this song, if you haven’t quite powerful stuff.



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