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Yay! WebAssembly Finally

June 20, 2015

Read this blog post by JavaScript creator, Brendan Eich, via Hacker News:

It is good news for those, pained by Javascript for all these years. (No disrespect for Brendan Eich). This WebAssembly indeed looks exciting. Doesn’t it? And aptly named. JS was never assembly for the browser, although it was called that often.

Barring few extremists (No offence, if you did!) no body dared code in JS directly, unless for some very small stuff. Everybody always transpiles into it, for any larger than a very low threshold application.

Eich is of the opinion that both i.e. JS and WebAssembly will remain, in the future. And compares JS to C for Unix. I find it hard to see it that way. JS was always just a very limited language. And in the WebAssembly world, I see no reason, why JS wont also be compiled to it, for even small gains (even tens of micro-seconds). And please note ‘compiled’ is the operative word, its not transpiled, as in coffescript/etc to JS, as what happens now.

Then one may ask, who will code in JS upfront, when doing a fresh project? Yes, some legacy code may still remain for some time.

And lastly, don’t worry how SEO will happen in this world. That will remain a worry, unless the ecosystem (i.e. Google) changes, and that’s a black swan (and hence unpredictable) event. No?

Another benefit will be our client code again can be protected. And no need for obfuscating etc.

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