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The Startup scene in Iran

June 29, 2015

Happy to see this side of Iran[1].

Although as the article says reality is always complicated…US definitely messed the place up on numerous occasions, first by uninstalling democracy in favor of dictatorship, then by starting the Iran-Iraq war…which resulted in Iran spending decades in the other extreme….but Iranians have a way of not letting the local-loonies (who like to keep the populace drugged and controlled by religious* dogma) take advantage, and see sense and try to be free…

Anything which asks you to suspend your thinking, has severe limitations, and not understanding that can result in decades of waste of the most valuable resource we all have i.e. time…

Unfortunately, closer home there is heightened (& misplaced) respect for the same powers-that-be, which a large section of Iranians are trying to break free from…aah the powers beget their derivatives, which have their own lives, and yearnings for control…
* thankfully the extremity is no way compared to that of Arab world (extreme version of which is ISIS)…but also its not of the moderate kind, as well. IMHO, anything right of moderation, causes heavy friction to any Scientific/Tech progress, which is the chief way how societies progress, ever. May be its an arguable claim to make, but the other side, just looks like chauvinism of some kind to me…
[1] –


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