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Salman Khan case miscarriage of Justice

December 14, 2015

I am so angry at the development last week, where justice was not served by the high court of Mumbai.

So far, by and large, judiciary in India has been a strong pillar of democracy, inspiring trust and confidence, despite the slowness of its functioning (which is another matter, which needs fixing BTW, but that’s story for another day).

Now its evident, to anybody who pauses and thinks for two minutes, that the father-son Khan duo (i.e. Salim & Salman Khan) have made a Faustian bargain with the right wing BJP government, by being tacit supporters of it – the father speaking out in support of Modi, in some interviews, and the star son doing kite flying and such.

Now this miscarriage of justice hurts India at so many levels. Foremost its the case of justice not being served to the poorest of citizens – one died and few permanently disabled.

Secondly, the bodyguard police officer Ravindra Patil, who always maintained that Salman Khan was driving the car, was apparently harassed and died a suffering man. We don’t know how much of his suffering was because of this saga.

So the point is those who stand in support for justice, need to die miserable men, and whose names only serve as footnotes in the stories of wrongfulness, favoritism and bargains with the devil.

Thirdly, the quid pro quo at play which is very apparent. The judge retiring within 10 days of the judgement. I am not sure what he is going to get, if anything material at all. May be its just letting him retire in peace. But the real quid pro quo is for the silence and compliance of the father-son Khans. If you support us, you will stay out of jail, not be trolled. And also get to define how an ideal Muslim citizen should behave.

By extension of the third point, just look at how the other two Khans – Aamir and Shahrukh got their treatment for having voiced their honest opinions on the issue of ‘tolerance’. And note ‘tolerance’ BTW, is just a compromise word for ‘secularism’. See they already bullied you into finding parallel words, which find shelter in our constitution. How low will you all stoop?

Lastly, it just shows if compromised persons are allowed to reach top positions, then they will strike these kind of bargains to serve their vested interest – which is actually just their survival (ingrained in all our DNAs) in this case.

I am hoping the Maharashtra home ministry, will appeal in the Supreme court, and justice will be done there at least.

If that does not happen, this is a bigger issue for all of us, who want to see this country doing well. ‘Tolerance’ & ‘Secularism’ even if standards go down, are still citizen sentiment and manipulation issues, which have highs and lows with time. But if justice starts to get compromised, in such visible cases, it is a travesty.

One can live without ‘tolerance’.  But need to pack my bags, if can’t do anything to change it, if there is no justice. In the human world, it is what makes it go round.


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