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My review of Ai dil hai mushkil

October 29, 2016

SPOILER ALERT: I am trying not to give specific spoilers but some phrases may suggest some happenings in the story. So please stop reading if want to fully enjoy the movie.

Karan Johar seems to be a very emotional man. His lingo of love is different. This movie is a spaghetti of who loves who! Also faithfulness in love, is apparently missing from his dictionary. Lest, my initial few sentences suggest that I did not enjoy the movie, should make it clear that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Its good to get a perspective foreign to yours. Especially if served in an interesting way.

Laced with beautific Urdu couplets, some words you don’t even get to hear in Lucknow anymore. On that note, was disappointing to see Lahore substituted by Lucknow, because of the terrorizing by the bhakts. Funny to see a bhangra dance in Lucknow, during a wedding. Also the flight via Dubai to Europe is a dead give away that city was Lahore.

Ranbir Kapoor’s acting is too good. In some parts, when he realizes a third person walking into his relationship of “friendship” with the lady, the way he gets heart broken, is so so effective. One totally roots for him, at the point, and totally identifying with him. On a personal note, I was also reminded of a very good friend, years ago, who used to go along with a lady colleague for various kind of shopping errands. When I suggested to him, that he might love her. He said “pagal ho, kya bak rahe ho…I don’t have that feeling at all..she is more like a mother to me…”, only to be totally devastated when she presented him with her wedding card one day. True story. No exaggeration.

Anushka Sharma’s acting is also very good. But I could not identify with her character a lot. Beginning part of the movie she is too pushy, and also I thought dishonest and manipulative. I know these are role related things, but at some level, in art, our judgement does get mixed up.

Also, I can’t get over the fact, that our leading pair, punish their respective partners for an act, they themselves were committing or about to commit in the very first act of the movie. As it opens. If Karan Johar wanted to show the hypocrisy, then its fine, but I doubt it.

Also, I cringed when the two males of a lady. One ex(1), and one current, get suggestive in a discussion and sort of discuss the sex life with the new partner. Oh man! there’s a limit to what a man can take. If ever, I’m in that situation (nature forbid!), I would be willing to lick somebody’s puke on the floor than discuss that. Of course, I would never do that, but just to suggest the cringe I felt.

Like that there are quite a few cringe worthy moments, if you believe in faithfulness in love. Or even give two hoots about it. Forgive me for sounding nobler-or-holier-than-thou, but one may feel it even if actions lack a bit from ideals.

So again, as some reviewer said, this movie is about definition of love. May be to a self declared asexual Karan Johar, sex with multiple partners is not a big deal. But to some of us mortals, physicality in love is almost inseparable from it, especially in romantic love scenario[2].

I mentioned about KJo’s lingo in the first paragraph. My kind of lingo is the one presented in the brilliant movie ‘Kapoor and sons’. That movie totally was my kind of movie. Of course characters were flawed even in that, who isn’t? but the lingo was realistic. People feel betrayal in a way, as the persons I understand would. But not in this movie, here if I understood the movie, Karan is making a statement, and that is platonic love in a friendship is the best kind of love in life. Real (read physical) love comes with too many strings attached, and is rarely fulfilled.

In my humble opinion, that’s a formation of a deeply emotional man, who has had a lot of trouble dealing with relationships. Sorry, for sounding judgmental and crude. But my intention is not that, sincerely. I loved his recent blogs on NDTV, where he got candid. But perhaps if he holds this view to be true for a larger section of people, I believe, that he is extrapolating a bit too much.

One thing which you like in the movie are the very real dialogues. A possessive man, asks the question to his(well, not really) lady, whether she had sex with the long lost lover-man she found. That was too cool. Likewise the movie is laced with brilliant conversations.

Lastly this movie showcases acting talent of Ranbir Kapoor in the best way. And he has made a solid comeback with this. Although he appears a bit chubby, and that could be related to his professed alcoholism problem seen in some page3 news lately. Careful man, don’t start to look like your dad so soon. As I said above, Anushka is also brilliant, but not in RK’s league(incidentally he is best actor in his family in my opinion). Aishwarya[3] and Fawad Khan have very small roles. Played effectively though.

People made such a hue and cry about Fawad Khan, but with such a short role, there’s hardly anything to discuss about him. But a solid actor he is for sure, as seen in Kapoor and Sons.

Overall my rating is 3/5. Enjoyable watch, for me, even though don’t agree with a lot of aspects. Its fine if I disagree with a movie, as far as the movie is not disagreeable.


[1] – played by the superstar in real life, making a guest appearance in the movie
[2] – i.e not the one we have with our children, parents and siblings.
[3] – Feel a bit for her situation. That self professed beacon of nationalism and also now feminism (after the success of Pink), can’t even spare a tweet to encourage his bahu. Sorry for judging some one, only if he does not wear the non-existent values on his sleeve, and so obnoxiously so. Just look at his own life, he made his wife stop acting, in the prime of her career. Even that is fine, as far as you don’t pretend to be someone else.


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